Empathy is a gift all humans have in varying degrees. Many sensitive individuals are literally brought to tears by the pain and suffering of others until they learn how to switch off this gift, before accessing it when they so choose.

In my early days as a conscious ‘sensitive’ when walking along the high street, I picked up conditions of the public at large whether physical, mental or spiritual when I psychically saw kidney stones to be dissolved, parents struggling with children, past life issues, etc. because I was too energetically open and exposed, resulting in a small stroll in the street leaving me wasted for the rest of the day!

Over the ensuing years during healing sessions which I use to this very day, I created psychic protection for myself and the patient (learnt from friends and co-workers in the Garden House in Porto Alegre in Brazil) that was further reinforced and augmented by my master spirit guides, so that when I empathically open up to a patient’s auric field I’m actively looking for answers to feelings and visions, thus allowing me and the  guides to be of greater service.

The ensuing  potent healing frequencies from the empathy emitted, allows the master guides to harmonise far easier due to the Universal Law  of Compassion being activated as the Divine Plan Of Love is actioned. This subtle but potent route of discovery for healing’s required is determined however, by the spiritual rights of what the patient has earned to receive.

So by learning to shut down empathy until ready makes one a far more potent vessel for service. Our esteemed guides know that through the empath’s mental intent, which is clearly written in their own auric field, that they’re available to serve, albeit in a controlled and healthy way at specific times of the day or night, allowing all parties to swim in the same direction.

It took me years to understand how to access and have a semblance of control of the phenomenal gift of empathy,  which allowed me to be of greater service to suffering souls.

Although he had achieved substantial success as a business man in London, England Rae still felt unfulfilled. Everything in his life changed for him quite suddenly one day when he least expected it.