Divine Clearance is a wonderful thing.  It allows us all the move forward and to fast track our issues like never before.  It also presses far more buttons within us and where we could or would accept and tolerate people and their issues who we didn’t agree with, the polarity is now more marked and we have to be who we are and that can cause conflict.  This will not abate as time goes on and for those who have the courage to look at themselves with true humility and honesty, those will be the ones to prosper in this new eon.

The Divine Clearance is also a measure of where we are in planetary terms because the facts are such that unless the population of the planet get serious about the way things really are then obvious catastrophes will occour like nothing we’ve ever experienced to date.  I believe we are not nationals but one species and if my brother or sister suffers then so do I and if they prosper then so do and so do you.  It seems pretty obvious to me.

Although he had achieved substantial success as a business man in London, England Rae still felt unfulfilled. Everything in his life changed for him quite suddenly one day when he least expected it.