Empathy & compassion are expressions of love.  They are two of the higher aspirations of the human condition.  To a great extent it is what seperates us from the animal kingdom.  It is of course in animals too but it is not the same way as for people as we generally reside in a higher consciousness.

I believe empathy & compassion is the raw crucial material used in healing.  It is my bedrock.  By harnessing this wonderful energy for the suffering of others (harnessing not absorbing!) we naturally evoke amazing healing energies that can be delivered for those in need.  It can make you laugh or cry and is a gift for us all.

By evoking empathy and compassion we raise our “Tonic Note”, thus allowing our esteemed guides and helpers to connect with us as it allows them to lower themselves to  frequencies where they can harmonise with us and thus use us as channels for Divine Healing.

Although he had achieved substantial success as a business man in London, England Rae still felt unfulfilled. Everything in his life changed for him quite suddenly one day when he least expected it.