Sunbuddy Fables

An assortment of 10 Sunbuddy fable books using insects, reptiles and animals, which include:
Ants, spiders, elephants, hyenas, leopards, warthogs, rhinos, lions, secretary birds, snakes and lizards

For five year olds of any age.

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I hope you like my fable

THE BEST OF THE BEST     [Jo’burg] 21‑12‑1993      (1)


Sunbuddy fables

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Sunbuddy fables
Copyright © 2013 Rae Dornan
All rights reserved.
For permission to reproduce parts of this book, please contact the author. First Printing: USA, July 2013 isbn 978-0-9896218-3-0


The best of the best [Jo’burg] 21-12-1993

“I’m best,” said worm, burrowing underground,”

“I rule where I live, I’m never found.”

“I’m best,” said bird,
“with what I see and feel.”

“I rule where I live,
 so worm’s my next meal.”


“It’s easy,” said lanner falcon, “catching bird at rest.”

“Then eating him up, as I’m the very best.”

“Well yeah,” said eagle, “against small prey like that,”

“But you’re so small,
I’ll eat you, and never get fat.”


“I’m best,” said secretary bird, “attacking snakes at will.”

“Always brave and courageous, moving in for the kill.”

“You’re best,” said warthog, “Not against my tusk,”

“Don’t look for food around here, just before dusk.”


“You’re so slow,” purred cheetah, “you deserve a whack.”

“I’m faster than you,
with a leg tied behind my back.”

“You’re a joke,” laughed hyena, tears streamed down his face.

“When food’s stationary,
I’ll steal it, so much for your pace.”


“Laugh the other side of your face,” said leopard, “near me,”

“I’m so smart,
I put my meat up a tree.”

“Well be quick about it,” all said and did unite,

They reacted together, wanting to fight.


“I won’t even comment,” lion woke from his snooze,

Yawning with contempt, like he’d had excess booze.

“I’m ‘King of the Beasts,’ this you all know,”

“I’m the boss round here, now you’d better go.”


“Including me?” said rhino readying to charge,

“My horn’s no ornament, and I’m much too large.”

There was a stand off, “I’m best, all did think, “

All were wary of the opposition, so none did blink.


“Right,” said elephant,
“push off, including you rhino,”

“I’m moving my ears to and fro, it means you’d better go.”

“Are you blind?
Look how big I am, I’m massive,”

“Lucky I’m a vegetarian, and generally passive.”


“Yeah,” said hyena laughing, “he’s so funny to me.”

“What’s hanging from his face? A trunk, let him be.”

“Hyena,” said elephant, “get ready to run,”

“You like laughing, I’ll sit on you for fun.”


“Go on elephant,”
others encouraged a greater height,

Looking to the conclusion, of the one-way fight.

“Who started this anyway?”
said hyena, composure completely blown,

With wings on his body,
he’d have took to the sky and flown.


“That stupid worm,” said cheetah, “saying he was best.”

“Him?” said warthog,
“Above ground he’s just a pest.”

“Excuse me,” said worm, “You’ll end up in the ground,”

“When I’m finished, there’ll be nothing to be found.”


Wham! Elephant kicked worm onto an acacia tree

“Let that be a lesson, don’t mess with me.”

“It’s your last chance,
to challenge my domain,”

“But,” he roared,
“I’m dishing out lots of pain.”


All cowed away thinking, “Glad he doesn’t eat meat,”

“He could crush us all, under his enormous feet.”

Elephant looked smug,
“It’s sorted, once and for all,”

“It’s fantastic being this big, the opposite of small.”


They were surrounded,
by millions of ants, all black,

“Get them all!” shouted the leader, the army did attack.

All fled bitten alive, the leader said, “You’re all so dumb,”

“None are invincible,
under the boiling hot African sun.”


Although he had achieved substantial success as a business man in London, England Rae still felt unfulfilled. Everything in his life changed for him quite suddenly one day when he least expected it.