An Intuitive Reading by Shari Rhodes

Below is an intuitive medical reading by my wonderful and highly gifted friend Shari Rhodes that explains in wonderful detail what I’m trying to convey.


Intuitive Reading by Shari Rhodes (03-01-2003)


Shari:We are having a reading with Shari Rhodes and we are with Rae. We are at this beautiful downtown park in downtown Auckland (New Zealand) and what I’d like you to do Rae, is close your eyes and connect with your angels, teachers and guides. Then surround yourself with a tube of white light to keep yourself protected and insulated from any negative dark energies or thought forms. I’m going to ask for the greatest clarification of your healing towards your evolution and consciousness. I’m going to take a minute to clear my space and I’ll be right back.

Two minutes later.

Shari: So what is your name?

Rae: Rae Dornan

Shari: Can you take your glasses off?

Rae: Of course.

Shari: Do you mind if I hold your hand throughout the reading?

Rae: Of course, I quite like it actually.


Sheri: The first thing I want to say is there is great celebration and accolades for the work that you have accomplished. You have done tremendous research, tremendous exploration, mathematically and scientifically. You have been a very dedicated disciplined sojourn ambassador of light on the path, and I felt your angels applauding you, celebrating you for the great work that you have done. You have lead a humble, worthy of note ministry in service to the light. There will be great celebration coming to you when you depart this life. I also feel Spirit raining blessing of celebration and gratitude to you as you have been representing not only ‘The Great White Brotherhood Of Light’ but you have also been representing some of the top pioneers in terms of the top surgeons, technicians, scientists, herbalist, physicist, astrophysicist. You have been representing some of these top teachers who have been pioneering these different forms of research that are now deceased. They are happy for you to be a conduit, a gateway for their knowledge, light and wisdom. They feel honoured to use you as a conduit, a channel for their work.

Rae: Thank you.

Shari: So they want to confirm that you are on the right path and you have tremendous guidance, blessing and wonderful ‘Karmic Dispensation’. You have many blessing bestowed upon you for good work that has been done. At this point……..I never say this to people, but you feel Karma free, you have cleaned up any impure misqualified energies through your humble kind generous service to the light. So they are applauding your grand effort in this area. You were listening well, and making the correct interpretations to the synthesis of the collaborative information that has been coming through you at this time. They want you to……. I really like this bit, to start writing about your dreams, your intuitive impressions that come up for you, moment to moment, any observation, any ‘Ah Ha’s’. They want you to start jotting everything down.

Rae: From a cassette for example?

Shari: You can record it, or write it, because that’s going to be very important with this book that you are going to write. We had mentioned about the past lives from before. The ones to take notice of are ones linked to the monastic life times, the yogi in the Himalayas, the priest, the nomad, the monk, the Cistercian catholic, you’ve had some European lifetimes. I also feel that you might have had an incarnation with Pontius Pilot when he was doing his deeds. You were a truth seer representing and preserving life and humanity. I also feel that you’ve known Christ and he is a very strong ally and connector for you working through you at this time as well as beloved Saint Germaine, Elmira, Arthurius, Lady Nada.  You have a lot of wonderful ascended masters in your camp. You’ve got about a hundred, beautiful angels and guides working for you.

Rae: Thank you.  Wonderful.

Shari: You’ve had many lifetimes of very strict Spiritual dedication on your path as well as a lot of research in Biochemistry, in genetics, in nuclear engineering and launching different forms of research. You are very learned, you’ve had lifetimes in Universities as a teacher teaching psychics and astro physics, biology, chemical engineering, molecular engineering and you’ve also had lifetimes in the lab doing research on DNA, genetic molecular divisions, sub divisions, because you have been very interested in the life of a single cell.

Also with single cells you’ve studied paraplegia’s and amoebas. You’ve always been fascinated in the life of a cell and breaking it apart and breaking down its chemical composition and looking at its subatomic components. So you have a cellular memory of all these years of research. You were instrumental in another life of doing research for Hodgkin’s and leukaemia and lymphoma. You couldn’t quite…. It’s like that movie, `Lorenzo’s Oil’. I don’t know if you saw that movie with Susan Sarandon, you were trying to get an antidote for cancer and it was too late, you couldn’t do it and you also created some……..

You were a stirrer with the medical establishment, particularly in 1840 in England when you were always a pioneer launching these far reaching concepts ahead of its time and creating and threatening the structures of how things were and paradigms in the religious orders too. You were always a shaker and stirrer and being naughty and introducing these concepts 50 or 60 years ahead of its time and creating great animosity. As a result of this you have been imprisoned and shackled for being a charlatan, a heretic. You disrupted the status quo and the order of the Worlds that you were living in as well as being a truth seer, a seer, and a visionary. You’ve always been interested in plant medicine as well and have had tribal embodiments while working with the plants as you used nature’s elements. Not so much this lifetime but you’ve always rocked the boat wherever you’ve been.

You’ve always been known as the ‘Forward Reaching Wacko’ but you’ve also carried sacred medicines in your sight and you’ve also been a tremendous healer and medicine man.

You’ve been a shaman, a priest imparting great wisdom, love, healing and giving light and inspiration. You’ve been a funeral director; you’ve helped entities pass into the light or too prepare them in the transition to the light. Tremendous death and dying around you and also part of your impetus again and you’ve had cancer that couldn’t be healed. You’ve also made a great study of paraplegic, I mean quadriplegic, and thought “How can we get these neurological programmes working in order to create neurotransmission to allow this to open up the pathways to develop the motor co-ordination of the limbs so as to be able to connect the cerebrum with the co-ordination of the joints.” As a bi-product the World wasn’t ready for your research to take it into effect. You’ve lost family members that have died painfully…. and you’ve been a doctor many times and a psychiatrist. So you’ve always felt frustrated by the system. These are really shoddy techniques that undercut the immune system, don’t work out the issue at hand, prolong peoples suffering and have basically gone in the wrong direction. So you’ve always gone on other directions and you’ve always created animosity with your philosophy and theosophy in the religious circles even changing dogmas in the political and scholastic structures and people being antagonised by you because people didn’t want to change.

This was especially the case with academics and medicine because people stayed very adamant and strident saying: “This is how it’s done, in psychiatry we use this APA manual”  “Psycho Trepics for this classification, Schizophrenia gets therazin, depression gets MAL inhibitors, the only way we treat it by these drug combinations or shock therapy and forget all these holistic charlatan hoopla.”

So you are a thwarted frustrated scientist at best in the Earth game. So part of this is you’ve taken a synthesis of your research, a composite of all that you’ve been, the best of what has been researched in all these different areas and are coming back to say, “I want to make a difference.” “I’m sick of not being heard and acknowledged.” “I’m sick of having my work burned because people are so afraid of getting off of their structures, ideologies and paradigms.” “People are just stuck and rigid and they don’t want to change.” So part of your healing is coming back around to make a difference. To be heard and not to be burned as a heretic, or shot down, or persecuted for your opinion that could have mitigated disasters if people had listened. So you’ve come back to really hold your torch and to be received with gifts and blessing with the knowledge that you have.

So you’re coming in again as a forerunner, introducing new thought to a World that’s less closed than it has been in the past. So there’s healing for you in your Soul because you always wanted to uplift, change and transform and move the World to a higher vibrational attunement towards the light and of the Earth itself linked to the collective people that walk on it and you have been determined to make a difference. So these are very exciting times and you are being used……. Is this resonating with you?

Rae: Absolutely.  100%

Shari: So you are being used as a master, as an ambassador of light representing the great healers, the sages, the medicine men, the scientist, the psychiatrist, the researchers, the doctors of this time. It is very wonderful, and I’m here to say that you will be received in this lifetime. I don’t know why I’m hearing Nobel prize but you are going to have the right connections to launch this work because I think our World is ready to look at alternative Holistic, Humanistic way of doing things because a lot of people in medicine are recognising that it is really running short, because too many people are dying of cancer, so what’s the point of chemotherapy and radiation if all it does is destroy cells and undermine the immune function……  Can I borrow your hand?


Rae: Yeah, sure.

Shari: Say your full name.

Rae: Rae Dornan

Shari: Okay, so in medical research in the past what they were trying to do in terms of cancer research particularly in lymphatic and leukaemia’s that affect the haemoglobin, the white and red blood cells, is they were either trying to burn it, destroy it, by blowing out the cells. They were doing an invader attack. So they were doing radioactive therapy, hormone treatments, cobalt, and chemotherapy. They thought that they’d just destroy it and it’s kind of the mentality of our times, like well just develop a nuclear weapon and well just blow `em out like in Afghanistan. Problem solved. We’ll just assert our power and fix it by burning it out.  Unfortunately, this happened with medications and antibiotics in that the research has gone in the wrong direction. Medical science has been taking a destroyer mentality but by burning it out and doing surgical procedures where they were creating airways for the cells to become airborne which caused rampant explosion and acceleration of the cell division to spread and metastasise in the body. The chemotherapy undercut femoral function, and what that does is weaken the body’s resistance to fight the cancer.

So the cancer is treated as an antigen and antagonist to the body, but also the body signals that the healthy cells are also antagonistic and antigen to the body so they can’t recognise what’s healthy and what’s not.  So what has happened is that the diseased cells……. The body learns to recognise the disease cells are actually the well cells, they can’t differentiate them.

So the disease cells find each other, the body creates homeostasis and gets accustomed to this being in the body and they seek each other out to clamp on and metastasise and form molecular divisions to recluster and regroup and rejoin elsewhere. Now where research has gone wrong is the fact that they haven’t looked at “How do we pull the cell apart, break it back into separate components and to infuse fresh life force into the cell bringing it back to life.”

So what you are doing in your clearing work is as you are clearing negative and misappropriated energies and entities from peoples bodies by bringing in shimmering white light. This vibration is so high and refined that it literally has the effect on the cellular structure of the DNA genetic and coding as well as the neurology that was actually changing the programming of the cells but was also changing them and bringing them back into health and vitality giving purification and cleansing. So basically, the cells were brought back into life. So, what happens is, in the neurology of the cell it is given fresh life force and then they are reinforced to pull back apart, separate, individuate and then be instilled with fresh life.  But also there was a change, and this is what we are looking for, there was a change in the neurological programming, and the neurological pathway, that signals the body that keeps the cells as separate individual running units rather than globular molecular clustering. So it’s changing the bodies neurological signalling to create optimum individualised health of each cell and how to change the molecular clustering by pulling it apart, rather than try to destroy it, and enthusing each cell with fresh life and then changing the neurological pathway to signal to the cell not to be treated as an antigen and an antagonist to the body, and to recognise that if there is a negative formation that’s cancer causing, to reverse the programme of that. To change the neurological pathway to say these cells are meant to be individual units of themselves and that homeostasis means, that all the cells stay as separate units. So it’s about vibrationally attuning each cell to hold its own individual form, but also to be able to recognise where are the cancer cells, where they are drawn to, because they are going to be drawn to each other, and to be able to pull the cell apart. You have done this research, pulling it apart and to reinstall individual life into the cell so it’s a separate running unit. This has been in your genetic research in the past and it’s created a great antagonistic stir up. There’s always been very limited funding and very little scientific and medical advancement in the science industry in the last 60 years. Doctors again, it’s been a power struggle where you have threatened existing power struggles. Also there’s Governmental and political issues as well, because this is threatening the pharmaceutical markets. There attitude would be if we find a cure for cancer then forget it, if we develop a vaccine that’s going to threaten all these multi billionaires that are making money on over priced drugs. So there’s been stoppers in the government, there’s been underground work done on genetic cell division that has been squashed, supervised and protected by the government’s agencies like the CIA’s that has included your research in the past. It’s underground. So, there has been talk about cell division and reenergising and infusing these cells with fresh life force and changing the genetic DNA molecular neurological programming of these cells. But there hasn’t been enough research and funding for others to want to go in that direction. So they’ve been pushing for stronger forms of chemotherapy, radioactive therapy, and more drugs to just suppress it with an attitude of “Let’s do hormone treatment, let’s do antibiotics, let’s do whatever to try and suppress and blunt out.

Again, a lot of this is for pharmaceutical companies and there are mafia affiliations linked to massive money.  Pause.

The physical health is only as strong as its weakest link, so if a person’s immune function or system is compromised, the cells tend to metastasise to the weakest organ. Cancer cells tend to recognise each other and search each other out.  So they tend to migrate to the place of the greatest vulnerability where there’s unresolved, unconscious wound issues and pattern that are lodged in the cellular memory of the physiology. That’s why a lot of these cancer treatments have not been effective, because the underlying wound element of childhood and well as the person’s past life lineage, or the family genealogy, has not been looked at. Now also the issue of cancer correction has to do with Soul contract, and your work is effective if someone says: “I am willing to work on these lessons and from a Spiritual directive they are then guided to work through an issue that can be resolved. Whether it be an issue with relationship, come to a greater place of balance or work through some issue that has potential for Soul growth then there is a possibility for dispensation on the Soul contract and the person can be given leniency for more time. Then your healing work would be able to mitigate cell division to allow more time to go forward.  But, if the person says that there is a hoop that I can go through and I can clear this and the person no longer needs this lesson and there has been Divine clearance, and the cancer can be mitigated, then there can be a complete turn around and there can be a miraculous, spontaneous remission can occur. If the person is currently unscripted that they are to die through this journey for their evolutionary path and they have six months to live and that’s part of their learning then the cancer cannot be mitigated, regardless of the holistic or medical treatment used.  So, as a practitioner you are always working according to the Divine directive and that of the person’s higher self of what they have clearance for. Do you have a question?

Rae: Yes, I want to achieve the most I can achieve in the time I have left.  So what’s the next step forward?


Shari: Well you need to write about it. I’m hearing there is a ‘Myelin sheath’ called the Mininges’ on the spinal column. This is related to network spinal analysis and philosophy. In the minigial there is a storehouse of cellular memories that is stored in that tissue. It is a myelin sheath.

Rae: What does myelin’ mean?

Shari: It’s a covering, you have one on the brain as well as the spinal column, and in this sheath that covers the individual vertebrae up and down the spine, it holds the recorder of a lot of people’s unresolved issues, wounds and patterns in the physiology. Part of the instructions for any disease process, ties into the wounding and the cellular memories of past traumas and childhood issues in the minigial system. So the area where you want to be looking to is to start focusing and bringing in more healing light to the spinal column and into these mininges doing emotional release work around clearing the residue that is stored there.

Rae: Is this in the whole of the spine?

Shari: Yes.  From top to bottom.

Rae: Is this all around the spine?

Shari: Yes, it’s all around the spine, but it’s also layering in between the vertebras themselves. And that works in conjunction with the brain of being a storage site and compartment. They’re like holding zones of people’s unresolved wounding. And that’s what you’re trying to look at: “Where are the holding sites?” where people are storing past memories, traumas and wounds in the body. So you need to target your light, frequency and energy into the storage sites, because again, the body in only as strong as it’s weakest link, its weakest organ, so you are looking at: “Where is the greatest vulnerability and where is the greatest wound, to send the energy through.”

There is some research being done in exploring cells in a `Petri disc’ with molecular sub atomic structures. Each cell has a life, a consciousness, and it’s dynamic and inter active.  The cells work individually as well as collectively. So they each hold the programming of the whole thing working symmetrically, sub atomically, to maintain homeostasis and balance of the whole system. Healthy cell functions is also correlated to healthy dyseral organ function too, so if there is one sick cell, that then becomes the antagonist, that becomes the major teacher that gives informational programming to the other cells. That therefore becomes the weakest link, again, all the other cells will draw too it. If the immune system is undercut by antibiotics, chemotherapy of radiation, immune suppressant drugs, that is going to weaken the strength of the visural organs, the immune function as well as the cells themselves. So they are more prey to being attacked in clustering if they don’t have full steam and full communication with each other. So cells will gravitate to that weakest cell like a beehive and therefore the brain creates instructions for the cells to clamp on and gravitate to that weakest link. So the root of that cell division starts with the unresolved wound and pattern. So it will be stored in that organ that related to the minigial systems of the spine. It’s also stored in the organ that related to the specific issue at hand.

So every organ has a certain informational signature of a wound or a pattern that is afraid of moving forward. So the person might have an issue around their knee, or they’re afraid to feel they’re feelings, or they’re suppressed, or afraid for whatever reason to speak they’re truth, or parts of……

Rae: Like Louise Hay has written about?

Shari: Exactly. So the vulnerability is where the weakest cell or organ is, and then they gravitate to that. So the weakest draws the weakest. Do you have a question?

Rae: Yes.  Can this be taught to others and can you take one good cell and make this work in the opposite direction from what you have just described. So if you take a cell of Divine origin, can you then place this into the centre of the tumour?

Shari: Yes, the idea of a vaccination? If you injected a good cell with the right and appropriate information and the brain was able to signal that cell as a guidepost of this, signalling that this is what we are going to emulate and duplicate as an instructor cell, then you can use it. But the antigen, sickle cell anaemia, they have to be able to recognise that this is a teacher cell so there’s got to be a neurological signalling from the brain, hypothalamus that says: “This is a teacher cell.” Because right now the cancerous cells only recognise each other, so once the cancerous cells clump, they don’t become interactive with the healthy cells. Like attracts like, so they go where the disease process is. That’s why they metastasise because the cells will recluster and reclump to the weakest part of the physiology in order to duplicate and reproduce themselves. So there’s a problem in the conditioning and the instructional pathway.

Rae: That can be done?

Shari: It can be done, but not through burning and destruction and airborne surgical procedure. If you visualise the light coming through a surgical team, the idea is too attune the vibrational resonance and frequency of the cells to such a high frequency and calibre of the light that the darker cells are no longer energetically compatible with the sick cells. So all of a sudden they’re vibrationally transmuting to a higher octave of frequency so that they are no longer recognise that as a sick cell. So all of a sudden it’s a vibrationally different blueprint that’s been created. This in turn pulls the other cells with them. So the idea is to vibrationally lift the cells to a higher frequency so there is no longer a neurological implant or recognition of a sick cell. So the cells themselves don’t recognise that they’re sick anymore because they are at another vibrational frequency, and so there’s no imprint of cancer in the physiology.  So it’s vibrational energy coming in that blasts out the dark energy and actually lifts the vibrational frequency and attunement of these cells, beyond that they are transmuting to another form entirely with metamorphosis.

Rae: Is that what others feel around me because I feel that they are picking up on a higher frequency that is agreeable for them?

Shari: Yes.  You’re lifting their vibrational frequency to a higher level, pitch or harmonic or matrix. You’re lifting on a physiological level but also on a cellular and consciousness level.  So you’re raising them up a beat.


Rae: Regarding the cancer work, can this be taught to others?


Shari: Yes, but not right now. And I keep on seeing painting happy faces on the cancer.

Rae: (laughing) Yeah, that’s my signature. That’s lovely.

Shari: So you know when you touch someone’s hand, healing light energy goes all the way through their arms and their body, and your spreading light which is vibrationally attuning their consciousness and all their molecular DNA structure to a higher pitch and vibrational frequency and oscillation. This takes them further on their healing path and takes them onto a higher more accelerated path. So at this point you are working on behalf of the “Great Divine Director”, working on the “Karmic Law of Dispensation.” So being in your presence, they have an opportunity to vibrationally clear and bypass certain Karmic lessons as deemed appropriate. This moves them onto a higher level of functioning and consciousness because there’s a greater level of clearance that the power of these light workers have right now in terms of their medicine, they’re telepathic healing capabilities and as transmitters, conduits, and gateways of the light. The Planet is at such a critical mass and devastation and emergency that everything is being sped up. People don’t have time to doodle around in their wounds and issues. They have got to move to a quicker pitch for the World to move and bypass the potentiality of nuclear devastation and destruction. So more and more people are being open at this time because they’re recognising the foibles, the imperfection of these medical teachers. So more and more people want a more humanistic, holistic way of healing, body, mind and Spirit. Because that’s really is what it is, acknowledging the whole package at all rungs, at all rungs, of the lesson which is going to the core cellular route, to the centre of the cell itself which is holding the imprint of the wound. That’s why it’s essential that the psychological and emotional pieces have to be cleared, all memory and imprinting has to be cleared and lifted to a higher vibrational frequency and purification for the cell to be clean and healthy and vital. I’m going to take a pause for a moment.

Healing also has to come through nerve pathways. Again, the neurological signalling system, that right now there’s a genetic imprint in the brain that’s recognising or creating cancer and other various medical conditions in the body. There needs to be some form of research to repattern the neuro pathways to no longer recognise the creation of cancer or any other anomaly in the body itself. Also it relates to the neurones and into different neurones and what happens at the synaptic level in terms of the release of these neuro transmitters, neuro chemicals in the brain, dopamine, serotonin, even cortisone and adrenaline. If the central nervous system is too jacked and taxed and the sympathetics are working too hard, the adrenals are jacked, everything is hyper firing and getting over stimulated, this can also cause chaos in the neurological nerve…..neurone hyper firing in the brain, as well as causing hyper activity in the body chemistry itself. Everything becomes jacked, the blood pressure elevated, blood sugar levels are all over the place and what happens is that all the organs in the body are not working symmetrically, synergistically together to maintain balance.

So part of what we are trying to create for the elimination of cancer is complete balance in the physiology, in the neurology where everything…..Because the body wants to heal itself, it will actually create perfect balance and health and vitality in its system. It has an innate intelligence capable of finding that gateway to come into its balance and symmetrical order and alignment. So the idea is “How do we eliminate these fluctuations in the organs that are over compensating for the weaker ones that makes them more vulnerable.

Because what happens, is if we have organs working out of sync with each other it’s going to throw the whole DNA, genetic cells out of symmetrical balance and it will reap havoc, and then they (cells) are thrown together and start clustering. You see what I’m saying? So on a deeper level, we are talking about prevention and maintenance, so it’s like “How do we hold this balance where everything is working in perfect harmony so that there’s proper communication between the cells, the organs, between the DNA, the genetics, the chromosomes. This ensures that the brain is firing appropriately. The signalling is appropriate. So if you are sending a signal from the brain it’s getting to the right place and it’s not misfiring or misdirected. So part of this is holding the balance itself where there’s no reason for the cells to cluster in the first place. So medicine has this “band aid” effect where it tries to suppress it, blunt it, block it out, where it’s not pairing it down to the core route of the issue and so therefore they are not looking at it correctly. Pulse diagnosis does it; Chinese medicine does it, where they really hold the whole system in balance where there is no vulnerability for the body to attack itself or to recognise a healthy cell as an antigen. You would see that in “Epstein Bar Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” lupus, an immune function disorder, AIDS, herpes, where the body is attacking itself because it loses the proper signalling and doesn’t recognise the healthy balance. Because it forgets what’s good and what’s bad.

So you’re being used as an instrument for all the surgical surgeons and the sages, and the healers, and the different Native American medicine people to come through with these vibrational attainments using light energy, with guided visualisation. “Hands On Healing” in order to lift the vibrational frequency of the cells, the DNA, to open up the pathways to change the communication, and to change the cells to a higher World order of consciousness and vibratory rate where they are beating at a higher level of frequency than what they know.  So you’re infusing light energy into the consciousness and into the physical framework while preserving the immune function in tact with the strong solid immune function intact that’s as strong as fire. You want to keep the lymph’s solid and clear, you want the digestion to be working correctly. You need an alkaline environment where you have a balanced PH. You need to keep everything balanced and clear so there’s no vulnerability to cell division. So look at what are the potential vulnerable gateways to create this vulnerability to cell multiplication because anything that undermines the immune system is going to make the body more vulnerable. So like I said you don’t want lymphatic congestion, you want that clear, you want to have healthy smooth oxygenation of the bloods cells, all the systems and functions, good airway to the lungs, to the heart, healthy clean liver, again, healthy PH, gut florin in the gut intestinal tract, healthy balance, hormonal function for women there’s not too much of an amount of pregestrian and oestrogen, healthy amounts of testosterone. So it’s where everything is working in the middle of the medium, because balance is the key. This includes lots of water because hyper acidity in the nerves, organs and joints is a breading ground for all sorts of immune dysfunction. Keep the vitamins and mineral levels balanced as well, because any mineral deficiency, particularly magnesium is going to affect the level of serotonin and dopamine relating to endorphins in the brain. You want to keep all those neuro chemicals working. Does this make sense? Did I miss anything on the medical piece?

Rae: I don’t feel you did actually. I’m with this all the way.

Shari: This is a real red-hot topic because what I’m hearing is there’s been a lot or research that’s been thwarted, hid and then burned. There have been a lot of the medical avenues closed because of the pharmaceutical industry and the mafia. People with power and a lot of money that have been preserving through insurance companies, especially in America, money making enterprises so there has been research, again, your research, that has been buried underground that hasn’t been allowed out.

Rae: So how will I play this safely this time?

Long pause:

Shari: You just have to trust Spirit and write your book holistically.

I’m also feeling that when you see the cancer in the body, you need to visualise it and effuse it with high radiant crystalline light and visualising the cells literally really melting and dissolving away or pulling apart and restimulating them with happy faces, happy energy.

Rae: (laughing) I love it.

Shari: And the Qi Gong perspective of infusing happy fresh smiling energy and life force going into the organs and them giving them that new life force because it’s really about life force in each individual cell making sure that the master programme in the brain is going to mimic the highest life force with the highest life and vitality. So the cells will know what the reference point is. Okay.

I’m also seeing you working with colour light healing, and sound frequency, toning, crystalline energy. I feel you need to go to Brazil and go to the crystal mines, the crystal archives, because I feel it’s not only visualisation and it’s working with some of the plant energies and elixirs as well. I feel colour energy right now is very powerful for working with cancer, working with the colour light and incorporating sound. I’m even hearing blocks of classical music, believe it or not, to educate the sound to match the vibrational harmonic of the musical note that can help lift its vibrational frequency. I feel you need to go to Brazil, I see you there 4 to 6 months, and there might be someone you might collaborate the writing with, a scientist and a doctor. I’m feeling India You may see Sai Baba again, 3 to 4 months; this will deepen your Spirituality and give you intuitive access points.

Rae: What does that mean?

Shari: In terms of deepening your meditation because you will be channelling information in your Spiritual contemplation, that will be your Spiritual deepening process of connecting with your unconscious with your guidance. This will channel all this energy forward, preparing you for Brazil where you will do the actual research and writing and the collaborative effort on the book.

New Zealand is more of a place of peace and relaxation and rest in between the work.  A place of being, which for you is a kind, gentle harmonic but it terms of your work, it’s not huge. Your work in actually in the more Third World Countries’. I don’t know why I getting like El Salvador or Cambodia. I’m just hearing some Third World Countries that are possibilities. It could even be a war zone; I don’t know why I’m saying this, maybe Pakistan.  I don’t know.

Rae: Well I’m going that way. In fact I plan to go to the foothills of the Himalayas.

Shari: Okay, I’m going to take a break for a few minutes so we’ll come back to this. (After a break).

It’s really important for you to get money for a living because we have to pay bills and our expenses and it’s really okay for you to ask for what you need and to receive a benefit from your service. To allow yourself to be received for your work. You’ve given your services away, you’ve been so charitable in so many lifetimes with your council and support and you’re not used to charging. You’ve always been an altruistic philanthropic person and that it’s really okay to make a living with this. You can gauge it on what you sense people can afford, but go intuitively because it’s okay to have a reciprocal exchange. Sometimes people will feel more benefits from this when they feel they have to give something for it and that they have to make more of an effort. So it’s very important for you to keep that energy moving back and forth  I’m hearing you should be charging per hour, at least 30 to 70 dollars (N.Z.) or 80 depending what the person can afford. You can even charge a 100. It’s very important to have an energetic exchange in this, and you have clearance in this because you have been such a noble and charitable Humanitarian and you haven’t needed to in the past, but we are on Earth, we have to pay our bills, it’s part of our reality. In other World’s we don’t need to but we are here and it’s really okay to give yourself permission to honour yourself and say, “It’s okay for me to receive this benefit from the work.

Rae: So I’ve been given the green light?

Shari: Absolutely. You’ve been given the green light and you can use your intuition and say to yourself, “How much can this person afford.” Just go with it, for example if someone is on Government subsidy you might think, okay the price is 30 dollars (N.Z.), for a lawyer that’ll be a 100 dollars (N.Z.) for you today. You can kind of gauge it, so it could be 50 dollars (N.Z.) for a half-hour or forty-five minutes, but it’s very important for you to have that exchange. Because you’re going to need money for your project and your book, and it’s about honouring yourself and feeling liken your worthy to receive benefits from your work. I spent years and years being an intuitive reader and I thought to myself it’s just my gift I don’t have to earn money from it but I realised that it’s about life giving back to us that which we offer humbly with integrity from our hearts. It’s just part of self-love, so it’s okay to be opulent, precipitous, expansive and to receive the cornucopia of life. You have a right to receive back.

You’ve given so much away through evolutionary lineage and been so kind and charitable, but your lesson is too allow yourself to be God’s child, and to receive back gifts even in relationships. Because you’re so giving you want what uplifts, supports and shares. It’s about allowing yourself to be a child of God and to receive the blessing that you so richly deserve.  So there’s a lesson in here for you, of not giving away so much of yourself and honouring your own limitations which is including saying no when it’s appropriate. Honouring yourself and asking for what you need in terms of your nourishment and allowing people to hold you in your innermost vulnerable places. Giving yourself permission to be loved and recognised and held and seen for who you are. Allowing people to give back, because you’re giving something to them by allowing them to give something back to you that is sacred in their heart. So one of your lessons in about balancing that out and honouring your limits in your body and not over extending what your physiology can handle. This also includes honouring your own boundaries and limits of what you can hold. But God wants you to receive; it’s your time, you’re not just supposed to be a martyr or a saint. It’s about you playing and having fun, celebrating being Human.

So it’s about you allowing yourself to receive and support and love. So it’s like having a beloved partner, you can do God’s work but you can still have a partner and you can still earn money. You can still enjoy the benefits of being Human, because that’s for you as well. You feel deprived sometimes and get feeling like: “I’ve expelled all my energy out of my well’ and nothing coming back to me and I’m coming up empty.” So you get feelings of sadness, frustration and loneliness because you’re not getting your needs met, so you are trying to escape from that and your trying to pacify yourself. So it’s like giving yourself permission to fill up your well, you’re love tank, through other people by allowing them to nurture you and to be comfortable with that and to know, that’s your birth right. So you don’t always have to stand strong as a scientist, as a philanthropist, the nurture, the healer, the teacher, the guidepost, the martyr, the saint. You’ve died like Jesus on the cross many times over; this is about giving yourself permission, to be a humble human, and to receive all the wonderful aspects of life. This isn’t an either or equation, you don’t have civilisations that you are trying to save from immediate battle. You’re not…Them’s time for you to do your work and to also receive love and nurture that you so richly deserve. I do feel there’s potential for a partner if you allow her in, that you may do collaborative work with someone who may also do massage and body work in healing and who could be a great seer as well. So it’s about giving yourself permission and to know that you can have it all, and still do God’s work. Because it’s been lifetimes since you’ve allowed yourself to receive and nurture, and this is part of your learning here to allow yourself to be loved, and to be a child and to have fun and to lighten up even more. (Rae laughing). It’s not so serious really. I should take my own advice on this, but you are doing wonderfully well, you’re right on your path.

Rae: My health issues. I take a lot of sugar; my sugar intake has gone up.

Shari: Blood sugar, a little hypoglycaemic, and a little acid. Not digesting and absorbing your fats as well as you could do. Slight lymphatic congestion, a little bit of toxicity, heaviness. Tired, life force isn’t as strong as it could be; energy is not circulating as well as could do.

Little bit of heaviness and sadness in your heart area, lonely, tired of giving everything away, being energetically sensitive, taking so much on from other people, trying to transmute, change and uplift it. It taxes your body and physiology. It really important to keep protecting yourself and not to take everything into your physical structure. You do it when someone walks by you. Adrenals feel over taxed; kidneys aren’t filtering quite as well as they should. You need more water, more water. You’re back. Not always feeling as supported by the Universe as much as you could do, with money, with love. You feel like you are taking the weight of the World on your shoulders. Not feeling like anyone is holding you up and you feel really tired of helping others. And you feel, “What about me and my personal needs.”

A lot of times I feel you’ve done a lot of configuration to get things going like your trips and projects and sometimes you wonder, “Where are you guys, I need a little more help here.”  (Rae laughing). So it’s just feeling……and again, putting too much weight pressure and responsibility on yourself, and feeling weighed down like you can’t stand up to hold it all.  You need more time to rest, be nurtured, be still, lie down. It’s about giving yourself more permission to just be. You don’t need to fix, transmute, uplift and be a God all the time, it’s okay to just be, and play and relax and not always be in service. But there’s a balance to be struck there. And there’s a frustration with you sometimes, a pain about all the disquiet, the discontent, the violence, the level of consciousness globally. It’s very disheartening, and you really wish people were further along in their evolutionary path.

It’s really heart breaking for you to see the blind stupidity and the absurdity of it all. So sometimes you take the pain of the World on, the pain of the Earth herself, having to hold this frenzied entropic chaos and discord and disharmony and feeling sadness for God’s children. So sometimes you take too much on and you feel it’s your responsibility to fix it all, so it’s a lot of weight on your shoulders. You just have to realise you’re doing what you can, and your doing wonderful, and you need to ease up on yourself, lighten up.  It’s not your responsibility to fix the World. (Rae laughing). You need to be loving, kind and gentle and easy with yourself, it will get done in its right and appropriate time. And I agree with that reader, it is your time to play, you do have free will and choice to create anything you choose at this point. You have burned off a lot Karma on your back and there’s been a “Grand Divine Dispensation” and that it is really your call in terms of how you want to Move. Because of your work you carry with you in your Spirit, you are a spreader of good light and vibrational healing and attunement and lifting anywhere you go. Even just lying on this lawn you’re lifting the vibrational harmonic of the ground and everyone sitting here, by you holding and being a conduit, a gateway of these higher vibrational frequencies coming through you. It’s having a tremendous effect of the upliftment of the people you touch in your life.

Rae: Where can I have the biggest effect in the time I’ve got left?

Shari: I’m actually feeling you definitely need to be in Brazil again. That’s your home that’s your place of homage that’s your place of greatest family and support and connection. I do see the possibility of some Third World Countries. I think you need to follow your heart, I think that going to India and Brazil that too is right for you. Egypt feels important, a trip to Australia. You just need to follow the pulse. Maybe Pakistan, Uruguay.

Rae: Uruguay. In Brazil I live in the state closest to it. Rio Grande Do Sud.

Shari: Really, I don’t know why I said it. But just listen to your own heart, let people in. Let them love and nurture you. Share more of yourself. Share more of your stories; allow yourself to be more intimate and vulnerable. Recognise all you need to do; is be compassionate kind and caring. You don’t need to fix everyone you meet that’s standing before you. Trust yourself; you’ll know when it’s appropriate and when it’s not.

Rae: Is this for meeting other ladies?

Shari: Yes. Sometimes you don’t always have to fix it (Rae laughing). Really go into your heart and ask, “Is this right and appropriate.” “Does this serve my evolution and growth?”  “Is this really part of the “Divine Directive?”” But keep touching base through meditation and prayer. Ask yourself. “Is this appropriate to step out here, or is it appropriate to just be in my own space” I feel there’s a huge healing happening with you and your brother Graeme. I feel he opening slowly but surely, resistant and stubborn as he is. He’s being affected by your loving kindness. So keep on nourishing and stoking the fire with your relationship.

Rae: Oh that’s lovely to hear, that’s great. So it’s pretty much just keep on the same path?


Shari: Keep on going; you’re right on path, you’re right on track. Just stay with it and keep listening inside. Start to write, be in nature, be in your stillness, listen to the birds and feel the wind on your face. Draw from tree energy, be by the ocean, be in your stillness.


Rae: What about the fables that I’ve written? I’ve done a lot of writing over the last nine years and I’ve written plays, fables, philosophy, lots of stuff.

Shari: Have you submitted it?

Rae: Well I…

Shari: Because you’re hugely talented. Have you written any children’s stories?

Rae: Yeah, loads.

Shari: Because you’re a huge talent. A huge talent.

Rae: Is that what they’re saying?

Shari: You need to put that work out there. You need to be a storyteller. Because you were a storyteller and scribe. You need to share your stories, write them, publish them. Put them out there. You’re hugely talented  You need to share your gift.

Rae: I just don’t know how to do it?

Shari: You just need to find an editor and submit. Maybe in America, maybe in England.  You need to submit, submit, submit. Big ones. Shumaker. Is there one Shoemaker or something. But anyway. You need to start submitting. It’s huge. You are hugely talented.

Rae: What about the music and the CD I’ve done?

Shari: And you play guitar, do you sing?

Rae: Yeah.

Shari: Are you really good?

Rae: I’m good at composing……I think.

Shari: I actually feel that you have composed symphonies in a past life. You’ve been a choral director  Keyboards. I feel you played classical piano in a past life. Jazz, blues.

Rae: Yeah, blues and jazz. Absolutely.

Shari: You’re hugely talented; you have a well spring’ of capabilities.

Rae: So it’s not all over?

Shari: No!  That’s your Spirit. You’re dynamic and creative, you need to put that out there, you need to share what’s inside your heart. You need to get it all out; you need to put out everything. It’s not just the healing work, or writing the book, it’s sharing it all. You know it’s complicated because you have a lot of abilities and you just have to put them out there.  These are all your blessing, love tokens for Humanity, so keep doing it; especially I feel the children’s stories, the fables. They’re hugely healing. (Rae laughing) That’s wonderful. Let me just take a break for a minute.

Two minutes later.

Sheri: You are really upset because in a past life they used some of your funding for your scientific and medical research for the development of nuclear arms and artillery. They also used some of your genetic and molecular research towards the development of nuclear armaments and you were really furious that this energy was so misappropriated for the wrong purposes.

I’m hearing gunpowder. Also some of your research was stolen and misappropriated and also other people got the credit for your research (Rae laughing). You got the flak for it and then there were other people that got the credit for it. I also feel you were one of the pioneers for and primary researches for penicillin.

Rae: How wonderful.

Shari: I feel you have a connection with Albert Einstein. Do you feel you had a connection with Albert Einstein?

Rae: Yes I do actually, yes I do.

Shari: I also feel, I’m hearing Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison, so you’ve been an inventor many times over. I feel those little moving kites. Oh you were affiliated with the brothers that developed the plane.

Rae: The Wright brothers?

Shari: Have you ever thought of that?

Rae: No, but it all makes sense.

Shari: You’ve been a mad scientist you have (Rae Laughing), with your mad cap, you’ve played a lot. You have loved research and experimentation. You’ve worn many hats so to speak and you’ve also taken on a lot of embodiments because as you know our lives….. We faction out into a thousand different places in the multi dimensional bands of this continuum so you are factioning out and doing a lot of work in dream state on other planets. You’ve also done some wonderful research from other Worlds from Galactic orders that you are channelling in. So you’ve taken on a myriad of forms from other vibrational Worlds other than the Earth and are channelling the technology in. This is not the lower level, not from the grays but the higher more sophisticated Worlds. Because as we know, I’m calling it an `M’ class Planet, one of the more denser Worlds. So you are channelling research throughout the galactic continuum and travelling at night, pulling in research that this World is ready for.  So you’re like a “Primer”, an instrument that introducing new technologies, new research to this World. You’re also recognising too, in your molecular sub atomic cell divisions that there’s life, within life, within life, within life in the sub atomic particles So there’s consciousness on multi levels of our consciousness as so in the cell itself. So each cell is a microscopic mirror of the totality of our consciousness on a microcosmic individual level as well as on a macrocosmic global level. So you actually can learn the truth of life in a single cell.


Rae: Absolutely, absolutely.

Shari: I’m hearing Charles Darwin. So that you know. So you have been a physicist, an astrophysicist and I also feel you’ve done research on the aeroplane as well. You’ve done a lot of electronics, mechanical aviation work as well. You’ve been quite a builder, very interesting, tinkering around, putting things together, pulling them apart. You been involved with Space age technology in other Worlds. So really your another Worldly character in grand disguise as Human (Rae Laughing) servicing and serving humanity. So you’re a very high Soul and though you’ve had your lessons it been a point of free choice to be in Human embodiment at this time and to serve and bring forth this around.

The last thing I wanted to say about the cell. I’ve forgotten what I was going to say.   (Pause) Oh yes, the reason you’ve chosen to be a drug addict and take on these Human challenges was simply to learn about more humility, compassion, identification, rectification, the core of Human suffering  So that you can embody it through a deeper understanding and it would deepen you’re level of kindness and compassion and understanding truthfully.  But, in a lot of your lifetimes you’ve been in your head a lot, you’ve been the contemplative philosopher, the scientist. But you are learning more about the Human heart and being able to sit in the heart in a relationship with people and with your work and to deepen that level of sensitivity, intricate sensitivity to other people’s wounds and pains from a heart level. So you can sit with them in their core of suffering and to hold them there at to create a safe place for them, which you do.  Do you have any other questions?

Rae: With all of what you’ve told me I want to put all of this into a synthesis to make the biggest impact with the amount of time I have left in this incarnation.

Shari: Just follow your heart and your intuition, you’re on the right path. Go one step at a time, what’s in front of you, you don’t need to push, just take it in your stride, and it will all get done. The book will be written, just stay in your stride and listen to your heart, and it beautiful, beautiful.

Rae: Thank you so much. I was wondering about my links to Christ?

Shari: What is your name?

Rae: Rae Dornan

Shari: He’s guiding and supporting and loving you. I also feel you’ve walked with him as a nomad. I’m not sure if you were there when he was crucified on the cross but you know of him. You do sacred study with him in the “Golden Cathedrals”. He is one of your primary guide’s allies and teachers. He’s been a friend, a brother. He knows of your work and supports you. I also feel that you’ve been brethren; you’ve been friends, and brothers, so there’s a very deep connection there. You’ve also dedicated your life many times to Christ, as a priest, as a Cistercian monk, as a nomad, as a philosopher.

He has been your Godhead for many embodiments and I’ve always felt that many have misinterpreted his teaching and you always knew he was a wayfarer of the light and standing in a communion in our own power and in our own self from the heart. So you have a deep, deep reverence and love and respect for what he stands for. So he is a living template that you are using as a guidepost of how you want to stand in the World and touch people with your light. And he’s here supporting you on this path and he is assisting you to be able to go where you need to assimilate and access the pieces of information that you need from the Akashic records and the Holy Grail and the sacred index of the Universe. So he’s assisting you and going where your needing to go in terms of the Earth plane walk, and in terms of your access points of where you need to be directed as well as with your guides of where you need to pool the information for your healing work. You’re a tremendous healer, huge rainbow energy coming out of the palms of your hands. Lots of lovely third eye purple amethyst energy. Yeah, it’s beautiful, really open and clear, loving and kind,

Rae: Silver Birch. Is a Native American guide who channelled a medium called Maurice Barbanell who was it was found out later to be the editor of the “Psychic News” which is a Spiritualist publication in London. His words have been some of the most prophetic words I’ve ever read that have resonated in my heart and Soul and I was wondering if there was a link there because it’s been so strong for me.

Shari: I feel you channel him.

Rae: Ahh, that’s what I feel too.

Shari: He is a guide and you’re channelling him in your writing and you’re healing and your creativity  He’s like one of your guiding Souls that you’ve actually embodied with in other lifetimes  He is like a best friend, a brother, serving as a guidepost link from the other side, helping manoeuvre you, especially of matters of the heart regarding women.

Rae: Well I can do with all the help I can get.

Shari: But like I said there’s nothing wrong with your heart, you’re loving and kind, and gentle and open. It’s just finding kindred Spirit that can hold you in the magnanimity of what’s in your Spirit and your house. You really need to be understood for who you are. So you need someone who can hold your evolutionary lineage and heritage. That’s really important for you, to be of like mind with your beloved, in that, you are playing teacher to the World, you don’t want to play teacher with your partner. You want a sense of equality and reciprocity; so you want someone who can stand in they’re own light and power and can shine with you by your side as an equal. Equal in stature, power, dominion and consciousness, sight and evolution, and that’s it. So there’s not many like that, but it’s as simple as that. You don’t need to go anywhere else because you’re beloved to yourself and to the World and to the Godheads. What else do you need but an equal loving partner that can stand beside you on this healing journey?

Rae: It would be lovely, but there you go.

Shari: And like I said before, there’s a great possibility for you and it will be presented to you. Whether you take it or not I’m not sure. And it may come in the package that you think.

Rae: (Rae laughing) Nothing ever is.


Shari: That’s my feeling, that you have choreographed on your script that’s it a possibility, and it will be an option for you, and I don’t feel you are going to have a lot more partners. I feel that you will have either a contemplative nomad servitude lifetime servicing Humanity in the vibrational upliftment of the Planet on your own, or, with this partner who shares the life vision and the purpose in this work who can stand beside you. A sovereign in her own right.

Rae: That’s beautiful.

Shari: Maybe she’ll even co.-write something with you. So it’s wonderful, you have a wonderful road ahead, and like I said, it’s like you are right on line, and I feel that you’re guides are really, really pleased with your progress and your kind generous servitude to Humanity. So it’s all well and good and deeply blessed.

Rae: Thank you.

Shari: Yeah, thank you and let me know if you need anything else. The final thing is you need to publish all your fables, all your writing, all your singing and guitar playing, out with your Spirit. Out, out, out, out! No wimping, no chickening out, you do it, do it, do it. You go man!


That concludes an incredible life changing reading!

Although he had achieved substantial success as a business man in London, England Rae still felt unfulfilled. Everything in his life changed for him quite suddenly one day when he least expected it.