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Presenting a workshop on  SUNRAE  HEALING with Rae Dornan.
SUNRAE HEALING is instantaneous and profound. These techniques are ideal for practioners and spiritually-oriented individuals who feel overwhelmed, anxious or are struggling with money and health issues. Rae teaches how to work with the human body as a projection of a hologram, "unfold" it to locate blocks and imbalances, and restore it to wholeness and clarity.  For energy workers, Rae offers a comprehensive protocol of personal protection techniques.
This two day workshop will incorporate techniques using the Sunrae 12 step healing modality. This includes the 7 part holographic principle to remove static and negative energies. We will also be learning our individual psychic language. The second day of this workshop will be incorporating advanced healing protection, karmic clearings and dispensations, soul contracts, and life lessons. Rae also will teach unfolding to healing frequencies, and hypothalamic reprogramming, that impacts on a cellular level. Toward the end of the day the class will decide together who we will give a group healing to.

RAE”S BIOGRAPHY: Rae is a natural born spiritual healer whose gifts have been enhanced in his earth walk. He consciously began his spiritual path in 1993 within an awakening of his gifts in an English spiritualist church that resulted in a spontaneous cellular healing being channeled through him to a member of the congregation. This resulted in Rae travelling the world 6 times investigating links to spirituality and science, which included spending 18 months studying and working in orphanages in India, 18 months working alongside some of the best healers, doctors and scientists in Brazil, linked to astral phenomenon, and working, studying and healing in 30 countries. 

Although he had achieved substantial success as a business man in London, England Rae still felt unfulfilled. Everything in his life changed for him quite suddenly one day when he least expected it.