Childhood traumas in the spinal meningial system

The spinal meningial system is relatively unknown as a storage site for unresolved childhood and past life issues.  It’s a crucial area where fundamental work takes place. Part of the instructions for any disease process ties into the wounding and cellular memory of past traumas and childhood issues in the spinal meningial system which works in conjunction with the brain.

Treating unresolved issues

So whenever possible, it’s crucial that unresolved unconscious wound issues and patterns lodged in the spinal meningial system are dealt with.  If not, specific organs acan be affected; cell division can begin as pulses or frequencies are transited from the spinal meningial system to susceptible chosen cells of the prone organ, and becomes the likeliest area with the biggest potential for cancer.  So cells will gravitate to the weakest cell like bees to a beehive with the brain sending instructions to the cells to clamp on and clasp to the weakest link.  So the root of cell division in many cases starts with unresolved wounds and patterns stored in the meningial system of the spine related to individual organs of the specific issue at hand.

1st treatment

I harness macro energy through my top chakra before pulling it down into my heart region and convert it to laser light. I send down laser energy through my arms, into my hands through the fingertips and directly into the offending black dots which I see as the holding sites for the problem with the intention of evaporating the problem.

2nd treatment

The most effective way I treat all the issues at once is I place my hands at the back of the spine, and draw cosmic macro energy into my top chakra and down into my heart area.  I send the energy down through my arms into my hands before delivering the energy into the patient’s spine.  I sense and picture shimmering white light going into every part of the spinal meningial system, uplifting that area to a higher pitch and oscillation so all impediments and negative memories are erased from the memory.

3rd treatment
Is very close to the second one because I place one hand behind the patients back and one hand on their stomach region making a `holographic film plate’  before directing energy down through my arms and hands.  I test it out by sending energy through the spinal meningial system and observing if there’s any blockages or impediments.  If there are, I redo the whole operation again.

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