Pernelle Toke (Denmark)

“Dear everyone in pain, 
I will tell you my story with the sickness and bad health and pain that has been have holding me back from getting to the best part of my soul. In my life I have had 8 chronic diseases: Diabetes 1, Asthma, Sarcoidosis, Graves’, Addison’s disease, Celiac, Aspergillosis and staphylococcal infection.

In very disease I see there is a message to learn. In August of 2019 a doctor told me that the condition of my lungs was so bad that I would not have long time to live.
That was when I meet Rae. He was in Texas I was in Denmark. A friend recommended him and we did our sessions over WhatsApp. My lung capacity was only 27% and the blood samples was very high and I was in and out of hospital all the time. They gave me the same symptomatic treatments, as they had been giving me over the last 30 years and it didn’t change a thing. 

Rae was there for me, he told me to call him when it was hard for me to breathe and when I had pain and sorrows. Uncontrolled feelings and fear were a huge issue for me. He healed me and made me relax. After are sessions I felt so good. His perseverance, loving and caring way gave me a wonderful feeling of trust in the World, and there was room for happiness, joy and fun for me. And that was what I needed. He has a contact to a higher Divine source and I can recommend him from the bottom off my heart. After he has been working with me for half a year my lung capacity has raised from 27% to 40%and all blood samples has improved, and my life circumstances has changed dramatically. I even had an apology from the hospital, because they also see the good results.Rae gave me the feeling off connection, being worthy, and loved in this World. With love and compassion, glory and a great sense of humour, I can with my warmest, humbleness, thank a fullness of love for all he has done for me.
Thank you my angel, you gave me my life back.”

Fernanda Canela (S.M.A. México)

“I’ve known Rae for eleven years and was introduced to him by a Rosie who run a clinic in San Miguel De Allende in Guanajuato state, Mexico.

I was having major problems in my stomach since I was 6 years old. I suffered a lot of pain and vomited a lot. One time I couldn’t eat for a whole week. I was always in hospitals from the age of 6 until I was 13 years old. I was very weak and skinny. At 13 years old the doctors found out I had a hernia, which they operated on but unfortunately it didn’t work. That was the time my mum and I met Rae Dornan who started giving me healings in the clinic on a weekly basis and I started to improve immediately.

In my experience I got to feel a lot of things, besides being cured. I started gaining weight, eating and enjoying more food that had previously been forbidden for me, and I didn’t put one foot back into the hospital! Besides feeling better I could also feel Rae’s energy, like a warm hug, so much peace and safeness. I describe his energy like a strong powerful yellow color. Also, Rae is the best spiritual guide and counsellor. He is very honest and straight forward of what you need to do and change. I also like that he gives you the energy and the tools to open your heart. To this day even though I now live in Germany I am still working with him. I have a lot of worrying problems, and can get sentimental and hurt by my thoughts. He says he is willing to continue to work with me on my mental problems because I try to better myself and this inspires him. I believe I will overcome this with his help, like all my fears, worries and disease that he has already helped me overcome. One thing that still surprises me is how fast I can feel his healing working on me, it’s like he pushes a restart on me and the next day I’m refreshed, full of ideas and stronger.

One thing I know, you need to take things seriously with Rae, his healing has a lot of value, he’s not playing around and is not some sort of magician and takes his work seriously and I respect that a lot. That is why I feel so honored and grateful that I have his support.”

Cathy Reader (Dallas, U.S.)

“I first spoke to Rae Dornan in August 2018. I had heard about his healing talents from a good friend of mine and called him to see if he would present his healing modality at one of my Meetup groups. He was gracious enough to volunteer for my meeting that September. I was charmed by his wit and English accent and watched, as after his lecture, he demonstrated what he’d been talking about. He chose several of my members there and eased their physical pain. When he asked for one last ‘volunteer’ I jumped at it.

I had been born with a slight case of scoliosis and began to have back strains and spasms as I got older. Then in 2009 I injured my back, which actually twisted my vertebrae in two directions and aggravated my pre-existing scoliosis. Final result after many, many doctors and chiropractors, was the right side of my lower back was ‘humped up’ resulting in constant pain, often accompanied with muscle spasms. There was nothing more Western medicine could do.

That September night, Rae had me sit in a chair while he proceeded to snap his fingers as he moved around me. His modality is unlike any I have ever seen or experienced. Within 10 minutes, possibly less, my pain was gone. Even the people in the room could see the change in my face as it lifted, and to this day, the pain has not returned! As an energy worker myself, I was astounded. Rae is truly one of the most gifted natural healers I have ever met and I will forever be grateful to him.”

Mo Davis

“For 8 years I have suffered with Hyperpotassaemia and Crohn’s Disease, resulting in very high white blood cell count, low iron, and often missed menstrual periods… before I was treated by Rae. The day before a very important blood test which would have resulted in a blood transfusion and numerous prescriptions, Rae treated me. The next day’s blood test was COMPLETELY NORMAL. It had not been so in 8 years… the doctor’s were floored! I believe in eating correctly, taking vitamins, sleeping well and staying happy and now I believe in a little more magic, thanks to Rae.

I feel I may have finally got a grip on what has ailed me since childhood, emotionally and physically. I am deeply, deeply grateful.”

Dorine Hernandez (Dallas, U.S.)

“Rae has been  traveling the World healing for over 25 years . I have known him for over 12 of those, and just about  every year, when he comes to Dallas, I participate in a session. Rae has channeled  some amazing messages (some were tough to hear, but necessary) to help break  through my then,  stubborn ego  and was able to move stuck energy from my field. I have felt lighter and more at peace during our sessions. I would recommend his compassionate, very  direct, authentic and cathartic healings to anyone who is stuck or suffering with pain or in emotional distress. In addition, Rae heals from his heart, and you  will feel it, if you participate in one of his amazing sessions! In addition to Rae’s fabulous healings, he is also an accomplished author/song writer  and fable creator. Check out his amazing fables/ books and songs… they  will inspire and make you smile, and your heart sing! “

May Birkett

“I had just reached 17 when Rae Dornan crossed my path (I am now 20). At the time he was recording his musical project of the ‘African Story Book’ with my father at our home studio in South West France. Little did I know that in those few days how my life would change.

I was passing a most serious case of Anorexia and Bulimia, and for over 2 years of living with that sickness I came to fear that I would never find a path to bring me home to myself and re-establish the inner peace I’d previously known. My mind was in a state of resentment and hopelessness and these thoughts had led me to a stubborn nature.

As Rae gracefully approached me with his warm and re-assuring manner I came to feel confident in sharing my most hidden thoughts of fear, doubt and anguish that I myself and many others had tried to understand for many years.

In some miraculous way, his unconditional love and healing touch had such an impact on me, that a sudden wake-up call signaled deep within me and my faith and happiness in the World were gradually on their way back to my spirit.

I can not attempt to explain or presume to know the secret of this phenomena as it stays with in the hands and soul of my true friend, Rae Dornan, but as I continue to grow with this positive perception towards life and look back on that time of darkness as a fading memory, I can only wish that this gift of light from Rae can belong to many more.”

Jenny Stone (Washington State, U.S.)

“Rae was and is a constant presence for over a decade and reminded me who I was and what I’d lost. He was there during a tumultuous time in my life when I sank down to a murky place. My soul had been buried or lost or given away and Rae was my gentle guide through the murky waters. But does not pain and suffering force us to turn over those heavy stones? I was truly blessed to have found Rae and our relationship has always been and will be of the purest state.

I had to read a chapter of Siddhartha to finish. Rae was a Siddhartha for me. I wanted to keep it simple but my heart welled up writing a testimonial for him.”

Claudia Martin (S.M.A. México)

“I first met Rae in a clinic eleven years ago where he worked in San Miguel De Allende in Guanajuato state in central Mexico, which is where I’m from. I took my daughter Fernanda there who was 13 years old at the time and had been very sick for 7 years. She’d finally been diagnosed with a hernia and had the operation a few months beforehand, which unfortunately resulted in complications. She couldn’t keep her food down and was constantly vomiting. She was very thin and emaciated and I was desperate for a cure for her. I went to see a lady called Rosie who ran a clinic who introduced me to Rae. The clinic incidentally was a very interesting one because it had a full time medical doctor in one room and Rae in another. They both recommended patients to each other depending on what was the ailment. The doctor had recommended that my daughter receive a healing from Rae, which surprised me but nothing to date had worked so I agreed to do it.

Fernanda and I then entered the healing room and sat down facing him. He spoke to me briefly (as he was very busy at the clinic) and re-assured me and my daughter. Within ten to fifteen minutes of his healing he said it appeared that he had got what he was looking for and he thought she’d be on the mend. That was it. We left the clinic and Fernanda improved immediately, because when she ate, she held her food down. He gave her another four healings and she was like a new girl!

I really wanted to be part of the healing clinic and asked Rosy if I could be of use and she said I could be one of Rae’s interpreters as his Spanish wasn’t good enough without help. I saw one particular case of a lady suffering from stomach cancer who was due to get an operation and from his healing she got better. If I wasn’t a believer before I certainly was after this. On a regular day Rae would see more than 20 patients with numerous complaints. Sometimes he appeared to be in a healing trance and other times joking and laughing around as he always put people at ease.

Another time I asked Rae if he would see another lady who had lung cancer. I told her about him and she very much wanted to meet him. He gave her a healing and she was amazed what she felt during the healing. She got better and better and months later test results showed she was cancer free.

My brother had fibrosis and Rae helped him so much even though he couldn’t cure him of it. What he did say was after a healing he felt his pain and discomfort and shallow breathing diminish a lot.

Rae also treats emotional as well as physical problems. I feel Rae has very special gifts and is wise powerful healer and is a very special person and has become part of our family.

I have no words to say how grateful I am.

Thank you.”

Although he had achieved substantial success as a business man in London, England Rae still felt unfulfilled. Everything in his life changed for him quite suddenly one day when he least expected it.